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    Off shoulder overlap sweater

    Sometimes it’s a little hard to find a sweater that is sexy and comfortable. This sweater looks really cute with a skirt or jeans. I like how this sweater falls off the shoulder and it flows down to the back. Since it’s a crop top I added high waist jeans  to not show to much skin and still feel comfortable.…

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    The vintage retro look

    Every time I wear this Ted Baker bodycon dress I feel like Marilyn Monroe walking down the street San Francisco lol. I love styles that give me a sense of a vintage and sexy look. The dress has blue and pink stripes which makes it perfect to match it with these pink Christian Louboutin pumps. I added a Coach leather…

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    The ruffle skirt look

    Everyday is a fashion show & the world is your runway. So why not dress like it. I got this inspiration from the Balmain Spring 2018 runway show. Nothing makes us feel better and inspired than when we have a great outfit on. The truth is there is always a way to dress just like these great fashion designer at…

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    Tea time

    Overtime the essence of having tea and desert has faded away especially with the proper tea set. There is nothing better than having a nice tea time with friends and family. I am a big fan of Downtown Abbey, it reminded me of how my mother always used the proper etiquette of entertaining friends and family. It is another way…