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    A belt bag

    Happy Friday! Labor day weekend officially starts today, so why not fly away in style. The belt bag continues to be part of this season favorite accessories. They are stylish and comfortable specially if your traveling. What I like the most about the new versus the 90’s style is that they come in different variety for different style. I found…

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    Khaki Romper

    If your going on a great adventure the last few days of Summer why not wear a cute khaki romper. Get a chic safari style with heels lol. This look you may even wear some camp boots if you would like to get more of the safari style. This romper is made out of linen and it has a cute…

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    Chiffon flower earrings

    Accessories is a big part of your outfit and I have this new thing for fashion earrings. I have decided it will be my new fashion statement for the next few weeks. I love to shop at Nordstrom’s for my accessories, they have this small section where they have affordable beautiful items. This is where I found these beautiful chiffon…

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    Oversized graphic t-shirt

    This Fall you will see oversized clothing on everything even more than the past few seasons. They are comfortable and they give a great sense of style to your outfit. Making your outfit fun it’s what this is all about, so why not add a colorful graphic tee. For a night out or a fun day you can add an…