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Welcome to my fashion blog.

This is where you meet all the trendy things you need to know about women’s fashion. I’m invested in making sure women look great. I have been crazy about fashion since I was in my early teens. I believe in the power of fashion to create an individual’s outer and inner essence. Fashion is not just a static material portrayal of a person. No darling, fashion means a whole lot more. I see fashion as not just a necessary rubric in the many human needs, but as an essential for all women for ultimate self-expression. It is in this way, I believe, fashion could be a remedy for self-esteem.

Now let me get to the reasons for starting this fashion blog.

Fashion for me is a form of expression, an extraordinary way to say a lot. It goes beyond how you are dressed and goes into a way of life. Foremost on those reasons is that, with fashion, I am helping my young nephew who has been battling with Leukemia recently find absolutely blissful expressions. He was your ideal fashionista. However, with everything going on around him now, he has been withdrawing more into himself and becoming the opposite of everything he used to be known for. My mission is to rejuvenate his lost interest in fashion and use this medium to tell him that one of the ways to win this battle is to never stop being his fashionista self. I hope I can achieve this. I understand everything he is going through now because I once went through a similar situation when I was about his age.

Another reason for starting this blog is to encourage people who are really going through a harsh time; understand that no matter how deep you may think what you are wading through is, you can come out triumphant. This takes us to my other philosophy on fashion; it could be a form of therapy. It is not just something that is materialistic. You could heal through fashion. It really does engage the mind. And it is in this way that it could take your mind from focusing on any bad situation you may be going through. Is just not an expression of looks. No, it isn’t. It could be used to confront the situation. In fact, it is a creative aesthetics for multi-dimensional expressions. This simply means you could use fashion to express just about anything.

I also want to help all types of body shapes women to know they can also express themselves through fashion. It is often seen in the media people body shaming women. With this blog, I want to change that narrative and really make women embrace their body shapes. All woman are beautiful no matter what type of shape you’ve got, there are fashion styles for you and your size. If you are a woman who really believes in the power of fashion or wants to embrace the whole potentials that fashion has got to offer, than welcome – you really have come to the best place for that.

My fashion statement is really simple: I love fashion styles that are vintage, elegant, classy and sexy. Two of my favorite quotes from Marilyn Monroe are “Look like a girl. Act like a lady. Think like a man. Work like a boss.” Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”