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    Make up essentials

    The only make up products you would ever need. I love going into a cosmetic store,  it is so much fun but it can also be overwhelming because you don’t know which product to choose. There are so many brands and if you’re not a makeup artist this can become a nightmare. When I go into these stores I usually…

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    How to keep your skin young and hydrated

    We tend to forget especially when we are young that in order to decelerate aging, we must begin taking care of our skin at an early age. One of the must underestimated product that we must always use no matter your skin type is a good moisturizer. Our skin goes through different seasons which can affect your skin, even accelerate…

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    Make up 101

      Maybelline BB Cream Burberry Matte Facial Powder Sephora Concealer NYC Individual Eyes Palette Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Fenty Beauty’s Uncensored Lips stick    As an adult and I know most of us probably have been in the same situation, where you would admire someone else’s make up. If I had a special event I had to get a make…