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    Spring living room decor

    For the first time I had an excuse to make my living room decor pink lol. We chose pink and grey pillows to compliment the color of my sofas. Faux fur pillows are a must have in your living room decor. Knitted throws are also a big trend, they do tend to be a little expensive. However they are so…

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    Tea time

    Overtime the essence of having tea and desert has faded away especially with the proper tea set. There is nothing better than having a nice tea time with friends and family. I am a big fan of Downtown Abbey, it reminded me of how my mother always used the proper etiquette of entertaining friends and family. It is another way…

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    Bedroom Decor

    My room needed an update and what better way than some spring colors to bring some good energy in our bedroom. What more than an update in your favorite resting place. Pink is a big trend this season for interior decor overall. We chose a combination of pink with neutral colors grey, beige, gold and white. I know ladies it…

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    Who says you can’t have the Carrie Bradshaw closet.

    A girls closet is our most valuable treasure. It should always feel like your going into a chocolate factory and every box is a like opening a box of chocolate. Most of us sometimes have a closet and we just don’t know how to organize it. Sometimes we could barely walk in there because there is no such thing as…