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    A denim dress with a T-shirt

    This is one of my fav t-shirt outfits. I was going out to dinner with some of our friends and I wanted a fun outfit that was chic. The straps on this dress fits big on me so I decided it would be a great idea to match it with a J Crew t shirt. It was a great fun evening and the outfit couldn’t have been better. I loved this denim dress because of the way the skirt flows and the cute side pockets. SHOP STYLE

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    A yellow maxi dress

    If you think you can only use yellow in the Spring and Summer you are wrong this season. Specially this fall we are seeing this color trending in fashion. I like to mix and match colors so for this one I chose pink which compliments great with this maxi dress. I’ve never worn this dress before because it was to big on me but I found the perfect solution to keep this dress fashionable. I also added a cute belt that would help accentuate my silhouette. I hope you enjoy this look!   Love Jen,     SHOP STYLE

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    How to wear a romper in Autumn

    As we all know sometimes we are just not ready to transition or maybe you just live in an area were you don’t get the drastic change of temperature. Just like me I still had some Summer cloths that I was not ready to let go. So I decided I will continue to wear them and find a cute and fantastic way to style it. For this outfit I chose a stripe jumpsuit and added my fav vintage v neck J crew t shirt. To add more blue and some glam I chose my Manolo Blahnik pumps. I hope you enjoy this chic style!   Love Jen, SHOP STYLE

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    Halter gingham halter top

    As we transition into Autumn we need to find ways in keeping our closet work with us all year round; that’s why I love a t shirt under any wardrobe. For the the next few days you will see how I turn a Summer outfit into an Autumn one. This particular style I chose a gingham halter from J crew. This top is part of a swimsuit but as you can see you may wear it also as a regular top and since gingham is so in this season I thought it was perfect to wear it with a J crew t shirt. I also added  high waist Zara shorts…