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    Striped kimono tuxedo

    There are so many suit inspiration this season and I am loving it. I love wearing one because the minute I put on a suit I feel fashionable and elegant. This tuxedo is from Zara they are having great designs this season which makes it hard for me to make a decision. This is an inspired flowy tuxedo with a collar and matching stripe pants. I love the way it flows through your silhouette making this look comfortable and fashionable. I chose my Gucci beige pumps because they are a perfect match since the suit has beige stripes. I hope you enjoy this look!   Love Jen, SHOP STYLE

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    Oversized shirt

    Ladies oversize everything in your wardrobe this season. The great thing about this is that it makes your outfit ultra chic and comfortable. You know you’re a fashionista when your on your way for the weekend with friends to a cabin on your fav pumps lol. I must be ready for a picture anytime anywhere lol. This is such a cute shirt on with some boyfriend jeans. Sometimes we get all caught up in brands that sometimes we forget that you can also get amazing clothing from affordable brands. I usually have a budget that I like to spend on my jeans but I have to say Zara impressed me…

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    Side Stripe Pants

    Everything 80’s has definitely made a major come back. I remember when the side stripe pants were so big in that time, I loved to wear them with my Puma classics. However for this occasion I chose to wear them with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle red velvet pumps. I did red velvet because it is the season and I was going to a kid’s birthday party. I didn’t want to overdress this look either so I figured it would look great with a vintage J crew t-shirt. Since we are already in that time were temperature sometimes drops unexpectedly I did an off white Topshop blazer. For my handbag I…

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    Denim joggers

    It is great to have a night out with friends once in a while specially from childhood. My friends love to dance and I wanted an outfit that I can wear for dinner and a night out. So I decided to go with my fav denim joggers from Revolve. I love these because they are so comfortable and fashionable. Specially if I am traveling,  these are my go to’s for a total relaxation on the plane. Since I was going out to a night club which now I days I don’t do as much lol I decided to do a bodysuit and to spice it up my Stella & Ruby…